Events & Courses

Make plays host to a wide range of classes and events throughout the year. Classes range from helping you learn which end is the right end of a hammer, to the finer points of smithing beautiful silver jewellery.

We’re proud of our events calendar that in recent months have included networking events for Makers, exhibitions of the region’s most exciting artists, and tasting sessions run by Liverpool’s best breweries.

If you would like to book one of our space for your upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Maker Meet-Up #11

Tuesday 26th May
Make North Docks

Maker Meet-Up: a chance for makers of all types to talk, share and connect.

This is a chance for the Liverpool city region’s community of makers, artists, thinkers, and doers to get together every once in a while to showcase their work, meet other makers, and discuss the maker movement happening in the city.

The eleventh instalment of our Maker Meet-Up brings us another evening of all things making!

The event will consist of speakers from all different crafts, media, and arts, both professional and hobbyists.

Gardening Volunteer Day

Saturday 28th March
Make Hamilton

Join us at Make Hamilton for another of our gardening volunteer day to help us continue our transformation of our outside space into a beautiful community garden!


An Introduction to Woodwork.

Various classes
£35 – £55
Make. North Docks

Join our introduction to woodwork class, part of Make Liverpool’s woodwork programme for beginners. A great way to hone your woodworking skills, or to learn a new skill from scratch, this four hour hands-on class will take you through the different skills and techniques needed to create your own masterpieces. All tools, equipment and materials will be provided on the day.

Drink & Draw: Life Drawing

Second Thursday of the Month | 9th April, 14th May
£10 - £12
Make. North Docks
Drink & Draw

If you enjoy doodling and sketching and just want the chance to do some life drawing in a friendly relaxed atmosphere then come and check out our monthly life drawig class. The session will take place in our bar area so for those of you who are new to life drawing and maybe feeling a tad awkward or nervous having a complimentary glass of wine will help. And what could go better with wine and life drawing you ask? Cheese! Yes there will be cheese and crackers available before, after and during the break. There will also be bottomless tea and coffee available along with some biscuits for dunking.

This class is for anyone over the age of 16, whether you’re a regular at life drawing classes or you can barely hold a pencil, everyone is welcome. We will be running untaught sessions such as this one and for those people who want some guidance, tips and tricks we recommend our taught life drawing classes.

Please bring whichever materials you feel comfortable working with, from some charcoal to a biro, a small sketch pad to A3 sheets of paper.

Silversmithing Classes.

Various classes
£50 – £150
Make. Baltic

This hands-on silversmithing class is a great way to learn a new skill from scratch. The class will take you through the different skills and techniques needed to create your own masterpieces. All tools, equipment and materials will be provided on the day and you take your own product away with you.

Beginner Sewing: Shorts or Pants

Wednesday 2nd September - Wednesday 16th September
Make Baltic
Beginners Sewing

This beginners sewing course will take you step by step through the very basics of sewing. You will be taught over the space of 6 hours how to make your own casual men’s shorts or women’s flared pants, along with tricks and professional techniques to ensure the perfect finish to your garment.

Sustainable Eco-craft Macrame Workshop – Part 1

Saturday 9th May
Make. North Docks
Sustainable Eco-craft Macrame Workshop

PART 1. This sustainable eco-craft macrame workshop is ran by local macrame and fibre artist, Vicki, owner of Tassel and Twine Design. During the workshop, she will guide you through the basic knots and techniques needed to create a beautiful macrame wall hanging of your very own.

Introduction to Weaving

Saturday 25th April
Make North Docks

An introduction into hand weaving. This workshop is a perfect place to start if you’re a weaving novice or want a refresher course of the basics. Kirsty will demonstrate thread by thread how to set up your frame loom and how to accomplish different woven techniques. You will then be able to try these patterns out for yourself, weaving with a variety of different textural and colourful yarns to create a beautiful piece of handwoven cloth, to turn into a small wallhanging, a table piece for your home, or just keep as a fabulous bit of weaving!

Introduction to Bees

Saturday 25th April, Saturday 30th May, Saturday 27th June
Make Hamilton Square

Throughout the workshop, John our resident beekeeper, will be chatting about all the basic bee information. This is an informal workshop to learn about bees whilst in a friendly environment. You’ll be learning about the difference between wasps and bees, the different types of bees, how you can make your garden a more bee friendly place and how your average hive works. If your enthusiastic about bringing more bees into your green space then Johns practical knowledge of plant choice and nesting sites will make it simple to understand.

Introduction to Calligraphy

2nd May, 4th July, 5th September
Make North Docks, Make Hamilton

This introduction to calligraphy workshop is taught by Angela, a graphic design, illustrator and tutor with a passion for letter form and typography. Her workshop will teach you everything you need to know, starting right at the basics.

You will learn the techniques and tools of calligraphy and how to write each letter. This is perfect to use for wedding stationery, bullet journals, and decorative quotes or just for anyone wanting to learn to write beautifully. They also make great statement pieces for your walls. Write a short quote with your newly found lettering skills and frame it!

Introduction to Sourdough

4th April, 6th June, 1st August
Make North Docks
Introduction to Sourdough

A fun introduction to sourdough will teach you how to make your own sourdough starter. Paula has been baking sourdough bread for many years and teaching people how to make their own for just as long. Her loaves are a firm favourite among friends and family. That’s why she’s decided to share her knowledge and experiences in form of workshops.
You will be shown step by step how to make a sourdough starter, then how to make basic bread dough and different variations and what ingredients to choose.

Green Fingers – Getting Confident Growing Plants

18th April, 23rd May, 20th June
Make Hamilton

A selection of plant-based workshops teaching you the basics of growing plants, planting and creating a green space in your home and garden. We all love to have plants at home, but sometimes we need a bit of guidance on how to keep our leafy friends happy and healthy.

Make are hosting three different green-fingers workshops, focusing on the fundamentals of plant-keeping; keeping plants alive, growing your own salads and veggies, and growing your own new plants for free. Each workshop is self-contained so you can attend one, or all three.

Introduction to Puppet Making

16th May
Make north Docks
Puppet Making

Learn to design and build a glove puppet with professional puppeteer and founder of Puppetuity, Chris Wylie. This is a two-day puppet making course. The first day you will learn how to design and make a papier-mache head and hands.

The second day will consist of detailing and finishing everything from the first day, then making fabric glove-body of the puppet. At the end of the 2 days, you will have constructed a puppet that is ready to take home to be painted, dressed, and made your own!


Food Fermentation

Saturday 21st March
Make Hamilton
Food Fermentation

Join Keith Matthews for a workshop on food fermentation, focusing on making sauerkraut and kimchi! This informal-style class will cover the science behind fermentation, what ingredients you’ll need to make jars of organic, raw, bio-active sauerkraut and kimchi, and learn about everything lactobacilli!

Sustainable Eco-craft Macrame – Plant Hanger

Saturday 11th April, Saturday 13th June
Make. North Docks
Sustainable Eco-craft Macrame Workshop

This sustainable eco-craft macrame workshop is ran by local macrame and fibre artist, Vicki, owner of Tassel and Twine Design. You will spend the afternoon learning the basic knots and techniques that form the foundation of macrame. Using high quality recycled cotton and sustainably sourced wood you will put your new found skills to great use creating a beautiful plant hanger of your very own.

Sustainable Eco-Craft Macrame Workshop – Part 2

Saturday 11th July
Make. North Docks
Sustainable Eco-craft Macrame Workshop

PART 2. This sustainable eco-craft macrame workshop is ran by local macrame and fibre artist, Vicki, owner of Tassel and Twine Design. We will build upon your existing knowledge of macrame knots and technique and elevate it to the next level, combining knots in new ways and letting your creativity show, resulting in a truly unique piece of fibre art for you to take home.