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Make plays host to a wide range of classes and events throughout the year. Classes range from helping you learn which end is the right end of a hammer, to the finer points of smithing beautiful silver jewellery.
We’re proud of our events calendar that in recent months have included networking events for Makers, exhibitions of the region’s most exciting artists, and tasting sessions run by Liverpool’s best breweries.
If you would like to book one of our space for your upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Various dates

Make. North Docks

Three part series.

Folken started in summer 2016, offering a grassroots, street-level view of the some of the subjects that consume us when we talk about the city we live in. We’ve talked about access to money, meanwhile spaces and creative places; writing, starting a magazine and building a football club.
Make Liverpool is the temporary custodian of Folken for this three-part special edition. We’ve chosen three cracking topics to cover in this series, starting with ‘Gender Equity’, moving on to ‘How the arts are funded’ and finishing with ‘Gentrification’. Join us!

The Kinematic Cinema.

Third Thursday of every month
Make. North Docks

Every third Thursday of the month, the Kinematic cinema will be hosting a relaxed and laid back screening for members, at our North Docks warehouse. Think a movie night with your mates but with awesome extras! From live music and Q&As to quizzes and workshops.

Baz’s Humpday Quiz.


Make. North Docks

It’s Wednesday and the weekend is in sight. Lets start the celebrations early with a hump day quiz, hosted by local funny – not so funny – man, Baz. You can expect the usual obscure questions and banter. Bring that mate that thinks they know everything.

Maker Meetup.


Make. North Docks

A chance for makers of all types to talk, test and titter.

Featuring short talks from a variety of makers and creators. From illustrators to fabricators you are sure to find an inspiring story at our Maker Meet-up. This is a chance for the city region’s community of makers to get together every once in a while to showcase work and discuss the maker movement happening in the city.


An Introduction to Woodwork.

Various classes
£35 – £55

Make. North Docks

Join our introduction to woodwork class, part of Make Liverpool’s woodwork programme for beginners. A great way to hone your woodworking skills, or to learn a new skill from scratch, this four hour hands-on class will take you through the different skills and techniques needed to create your own masterpieces. All tools, equipment and materials will be provided on the day.

Eco Fabric Dyeing:

Bring + Dye

Presented by: The Wild Dyery

Wednesday, April 25th

6:45pm – 9pm

Make. North Docks

Give new life to an old T-shirt whilst learning ancient natural dyeing and patterning techniques. The Wild Dyery are offering this one-off evening workshop in collaboration with Fashion Revolution Week at Make Liverpool to help you re-love your clothing using locally foraged plant dyes and food waste.

Mako Education:

Code-a-Drone & Lego Stop-Motion Animation

Various Dates

Make. North Docks

MakoEducation’s workshops are the perfect activity to get young people to discover and show off their creative talents.

Needle Felting for Beginners.

Various classes

Make. Baltic & Make. North Docks

In this introduction to needle felting, you’ll be shown the basics of how to create felted structures and mould wool fibers, all while creating your very own needle-felted bird. You’ll be shown step by step how to make the body, wings, tail and head using a felting needle and wool. Then,we’ll make wire legs, and add the some colour and you’ll take your new felted friend home!

Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy.

Various Classes

Make. Baltic

During this workshop participants will be taken through the entire taxidermic process. All materials will be provided for the class and a small selection of props will be provided. The aim is for each attendee to leave with a finished piece they can be proud of.

Silversmithing Classes.

Various classes
£50 – £150

Make. Baltic

This hands-on silversmithing class is a great way to learn a new skill from scratch. The class will take you through the different skills and techniques needed to create your own masterpieces. All tools, equipment and materials will be provided on the day and you take your own product away with you.

Green Wood Carving.

Various Classes

Make. North Docks

Explore the art of green wood work by learning the techniques of carving fresh ‘green’ timber. All of the skills learned in this course are the foundation skills for spoon carving, and the focus of the class will be primarily on the understanding of techniques used to create a spoon or a hand-carved bowl.

Modern Calligraphy Workshop

May 12th, 2018

12:00 – 15:00


Make. Baltic

Whether you’re a bride to be, or looking for a new hobby, with this workshop you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful writing! We will start with practising warm up strokes, moving onto letter drills and then creating beautiful quotes. The course fee includes a starter kit with all you need to continue with this art.

Sketching from a Futurist’s Lost Sculpture

March 17, 2018


Make. North Docks

Drawing class session Unique Forms

This is unique opportunity to sketch from Umberto Boccioni’s destroyed sculpture, Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement 1913 , that was smashed to pieces in 1917. The session will be a 3-hour closed period at Make North Docks. Places are limited to 16 and must be booked. Some materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own sketchbooks, pencils or charcoal. Matt will introduce the work and share some of the development of the project with you and will include a short Q&A.