Our workshop is the essence of our sustainable approach. Our Maker Huts and tool stations are built from recycled materials; we recycle 70% of the materials used in the workshop, and we re-use unwanted tools that we’ve liberated (with their owner’s permission!) from sheds, garages and spare rooms across the city.

Make is about challenging conventions and the ways that things around us are made. We’re fervent supporters of the Maker Movement, and are connected to other maker spaces around the world for support, inspiration and to share ideas.

We encourage creativity from all kinds of makers by inspiring people to do things differently – and together – in shared spaces. We create opportunities for people to develop and increase their independence as makers by working with us in our community, on our courses and workshops, and by providing individual work spaces in our Maker Huts. Driven by our own beliefs in inclusivity, fairness and environmentalism, our workshop is as much a social space as a workspace. It’s also the venue for our bi-monthly Maker Meet-ups, hosting talks, film screenings and networking to support our community.

And we’re also makers ourselves. Our Made at Make range is a collection of things we make here in the workshop, from bird boxes and DIY tool kits to up-cycled tote bags, coasters and letter organisers.

Make has grown swiftly from pop-up to permanent. We continue to invest in core equipment, and aim to combine everything from woodwork and welding to 3-D printers, laser cutting and CNC milling. We’re fundraising to develop our welding studio, and are planning a photographic dark room and a textile and fashion space with industrial sewing machines next, alongside a ceramics studio  and up-cycling area.

But the best way to get to know us it to pay us a visit. Come and see for yourself, or join us for one of our events.